Gayish: 120 Boobs

How did it take us this long to talk about boobs?  Get out your sports bra, and get ready to hear all about the complicated relationship between gay guys and breasts.  Also, a very personal and disturbing true crime segment that will leave you wondering why you listen (even more than usual).

Gayish: 119 Therapy

At the request of our Facebook Group, we discuss an important mental health topic, therapy. And yes, Gayish counts as therapy. You’ll pretty much be totally not crazy after listening to this.

Gayish: 118 Spain

¡Cojan las orejas! Hablamos de España (in English, claro). Spain is super gay-friendly… or is it? Send this episode to your Spanish friend! We’re trying to get more Spain cred.

Gayish: 114 Beards

A special thank you to Chris Sanders for requesting this topic as part of his Patreon benefits. Or if you hate it, blame him because we did not choose this he did. Mike and Kyle look at the fascinating world of beards. Come find out why Mike and Kyle were both screwed up by their childhood despite being on opposite ends of the hirsute spectrum.

Gayish: 112 Double

Celebrate our 2 year anniversary with doubles: double dass, double penetration, double entendres, and more. Plus, announcements about live shows, t-shirts, Patreon, and more! (Yes, I said “and more” twice. It’s double.)