Gayish: 062 Gay Bars (w/ Josh Galassi)

By listener request, we talk about the ups and downs (and rinse and repeat as desired) of gay bars. We are joined by our guest, Queerty writer and potential Kyle replacement, Josh Galassi.

Topics: dos and don’ts of gay bars, Cafe Lafitte in Exile, gay bar assault

Gayish: 061 BDSM (w/ Max Cameron)


Topics: BDSM, kink, polyamorous, Max Cameron, bondage

Skippers: BDSM discussion starts at 15:50

Gayish: 060 Ally Steinfeld

The murder of Ally Steinfeld. We try to record an edit-free podcast this time. It didn’t work.

Topics: Ally Steinfeld, murder, true crime, trans, transgender, transphobia

Skippers: Ally’s story starts at 13:09

Gayish: 059 Age

Mike and Kyle discuss our top listener-requested topic: age. Is it true that gay relationships have greater age gaps than straight relationships? Let’s talk about our weird feelings about age!

Topics: age gaps, Age Gap Love on Netflix, grandparents’ STDs, gay age gap formula

Skippers: age discussion starts at 13:35

Gayish: 058 Weed

Momsplaining returns to define ‘highsexual’. Plus: “Jeff Session. Marijuana. Legal. Maybe won’t be. Um, stockpile. We talked about the stockpiling.” – Mike.

Other Topics: Momsplaining, Mike Pence, Marlon Bundo, John Oliver, Weed, Marijuana.

Skippers: weed conversation starts at 9:01.

Gayish: 057 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (w/ Jeffrey Masters)

If you want to hear Jeffrey Masters, host of the podcast LGBTQ&A, talk about the countless interviews he’s done with notable people in the queer community, maybe listen to his podcast? Because in this episode, Jeffrey joins our discussion about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Follow Jeffrey on Twitter @jeffmasters1 and his podcast @lgbtqpod.

Gayish 055: Self-harm

Phew. What a roller coaster ride. We talk about how it is impossible to get HIV from chocolate, how Mike has judgy feelings about the straight guy Kyle hooked up with, and that one of us struggles with self harm from time to time. Typical Gayish, we bring you up, bring you down, and bring you the opportunity to drink Scotch.

Gayish 054: Guns

More gays have been arming themselves with guns, and we delve into the reasons why. Plus, we talk to a gay Texan gun-owner, Michael Buss. Put the safety on before listening! Topics: Pulse Nightclub shooting, Omar Mateen, LGBTQ homicide. Skippers: gun conversation starts at 17:54