Gayish: 049 Disney (w/ Doug Antkowiak)

Mike and Kyle uncover the disturbing history Disney has with the LGBTQ community in their parks and characters. Queer mafia: we may need your help defending us from the secret Disney mafia! Guest: our favorite fag stag and Disney expert, Doug Antkowiak.

Gayish: 048 Power Dynamics (w/ Andrew Gurza)

The best recap of this episode is: tops, bottoms, power bottoms, Gay’s Anatomy, age differences, findom, pups, God Jayden, and a whole lotta bro. Our guest is Andrew Gurza from DisabilityAfterDark, the podcast that shines a bright light on sex and disability.

Gayish: 046 The Versace Murder

Ryan Murphy’s upcoming show, “American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace,” has the gays in a tizzy with Criss-citement. We talk about gay murderer Andrew Cunanan’s killing spree and how his experience is reflection of our own.