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“[they] bring a sense of thoughtfulness along with humor to each topic” – Esquire

“the easy, funny banter of longtime friends, and they tackle LGBTQ-specific issues with curiosity, respect, and self-awareness.” – Oprah Daily

“um, everyone should be listening to Gayish Podcast, it’s my fav” – Queerty

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Media & Press

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Gayish has also been listed as an LGBTQ+ resource by educational institutions, including the University of Washington, Illinois State University, University of North Texas at Dallas, University of Toronto, and Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota; non-profit organizations like PFLAG and Out on the Shelf; and queer-affirming religious organizations like South Loop Campus Ministry.

Awards & Recognition

  • Winner for Best LGBT Podcast by PopCon (2024)
  • Winner for Best LGBT Podcast by PopCon (2023)
  • Finalist for Best Intro by PopCon (2023)
  • Runner up for Best Overall Podcast by PopCon (2023)
  • Nominated for Best LGBT Podcast by The People’s Choice Podcast Awards (2017-2022)
  • Nominated for the Cybersocket Awards for Best Gay Sex Podcast (2022)
  • Nominated for Best LGBTQ+ Culture Podcast by Discover Pods Awards (2021)
  • Appeared on NRP’s WNYC podcast All of It, hosted by Alison Stewart
  • Official Selection in the DC Web Fest (2018)
  • Performer & Official Selection in the Portland Podcast Festival (2018)

Chart History

  • Featured in Apple Podcasts’ Pride collection (2021-2022)
  • Reached #4 on the US Apple Podcasts Chart for Sexuality
  • Reached #60 on the US Apple Podcasts Chart for Health & Fitness
  • Reached Top 10 on the Apple Podcasts Chart for Sexuality in: Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Notable Guests

For press inquiries, contact gayishpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com.