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Join our amazing community of other affirming LBGTQIA+ folx who don’t feel like they fit the stereotypes. Our listeners, affectionately called the Gayish Agenda, are most active on:

Our listeners have made friends, hung out virtually and IRL, gone camping together, invited us to a wedding, and more. A few of the way our community gets together:

  • World of Warcraft guild, Mondays @ 5pm Pacific (join the WoW channel on Discord for voice chat)
    • Server/realm: Thunderlord; Alliance guild: Gayish Agenda; Horde guild: Adnega Hsiyag
  • Minecraft on Thursdays (join the Minecraft channel on Discord for voice chat and info)
    • Server:; IP:; Port: 25565
  • A Dungeons and Dragons group every other week (join the D&D channel on Discord to see if there’s an open spot or find a group)
  • Annual Secret Santa gift exchange (join Discord and watch for an announcement in December)
  • Quarterly Patreon virtual Happy Hours (for Patreon members at any level)

More of our social media and contact methods:

Send us your package! I mean, a package!

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