Gayish Podcast Teaser

Gayish is an independent, award-nominated gay podcast where Mike and Kyle discuss a different gay stereotype each episode. We bring research studies, news stories, history, personal experience and expert guests to the table when we discuss our topics. Episodes come out weekly on Thursdays (we rarely miss a week).

This short teaser (less than 10 min) has some of our favorite clips and guests so you can hear what the podcast is all about:

If you don’t know where to start, here are our favorite full-length episodes:

The clips in the teaser were from, in the order they appeared: Fetish Nights (episode 156), Consent (episode 19), Polari Primer (episode 153), Fruit (episode 151).

Or get a peak into who we are (and what we actually look like) with this YouTube video, “How to Answer Dumb Straight People’s Questions About Being Gay”:

Be butch, be fabulous, be you!