Gayish: 149 Jerking Off

Mike goes to a jerk-off club and talks about meeting the love of his life. Plus, jerk-off related gayta, euphemisms, and religious teachings.

In this episode: News- 8:21 || Main Topic (Jerking Off)- 14:08 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:20:15

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One Reply to “Gayish: 149 Jerking Off”

  1. Used to live near Philadelphia (PA) and was a regular Philadelphia Jacks attendee. Great and very much as you described Seattle’s group but no “orientation.” The best part was everyone was “pre-screened,” meaning everyone was there for the same reason and with the same common ground. One note: it wasn’t just for gay guys. I saw a surprising number of wedding rigs and thius was beforxe marriage equality. Wish there were more such groups, but, alas… Just discovered your podcast and I’m hooked already. Cheers!

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