Gayish: 222 (Iced) Coffee

Why is iced coffee a gay stereotype? Also, coffee gays from history, coffee news from, decaf coffee guilt, and São Paulo.

In this episode: News- 4:25 || Main Topic (Coffee)- 17:45 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:11:00

On Monday’s Patreon segment, Fucking Dan talks about his experience ingesting coffee non-mouthily the morning before recording.

Gayish: 221 Foreplay

HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY TO US! Mike and Kyle celebrate with a livestream and foreplay.

In this episode: News- 3:57 || Main Topic (Foreplay)- 22:21 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:17:01

On Monday’s Patreon segment, Fucking Dan talks about the after-play to complement your ‘fore-play. Get access at

Gayish: 220 Republicans

Are you a Republican’t or a Republican? We talk about LGBT Republicans, and Mike tries not to yell while Kyle tries to keep the peace.
In this episode: News- 1:40 || Main Topic (Republicans)- 17:40 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:25:33
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Gayish: 219 Auto Racing (w/ Charlie Martin)

“Things had to get really bad before they got worse.” Race car driver, trans activist, and Ninja Warrior champion Charlie Martin shares her very personal experience of transitioning (and thriving) in the male-dominated world of auto racing. Plus, Mike and Kyle try their best to remember to talk about racing.

In this episode: News- 1:53 || Main Topic (Auto Racing)- 17:39 || Guest (Charlie Martin)- 23:18 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:21:05

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Gayish: 217 Jealousy

What do Mike’s ex-wife and Nick Jonas have in common? They both get jealous. (To be fair, it’s their right to be hellish.) Thanks to our Patreon Gap Bridgers for voting on this topic.

In this episode: News- 5:30 || Main Topic (Butterflies)- 17:38 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:15:42

On Monday’s Patreon bonus segment, Fucking Dan administers a jealously quiz to Mike and Kyle to see where their jealousy line is when in a relationship.

Gayish: 216 Butterflies 🦋

Butterflies can be a million things, like named after poop, a big ol’ bottom, Kylie Jenner’s love language, a good (or bad?) trans metaphor, a super lesbian Hong Kong film, or a song that DJ AM raps in. No matter what, we know LeVar Burton is down. 🤜🦋

In this episode: News- 9:50 || Main Topic (Butterflies)- 20:49 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:15:06

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Gayish: 215 Limp Wrists

The stereotype of the limp-wristed faggot goes back to the Romans (no, for real), and it’s one example of how gay men are trained to hate themselves from a young age. We get surprisingly personal when we talk about our experience with limp wrists.

In this episode: News- 8:58 || Main Topic (Limp Wrists)- 21:05 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:13:43

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Gayish: 214 Backwards Hats

Our most drool-worthy episode yet!

In this episode: News- 1:24 || Main Topic (Backwards Hats)- 13:41 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:06:22

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