Gayish: 015 Subaru

Why are Subarus associated with lesbians? We delve into the world of LGBT marketing. Plus, Mike says smart things about current events while Kyle tries to say the word Obergeflet.

Gayish: 011 Exes

We welcome our first ever gay guests, Matt and Ryan from the Ex Rated Movies podcast, who are also real life exes. We talk about their sordid romantic history, acceptable age gaps, and the f word. Guests: Matt Fisher and Ryan Weadon.

How To Make A Giant Ogre Dick

Step 1 – Find some skin toned color knee high socks in a stretchy fabric.  I suggest the ones that aren’t super pale, and aren’t super black.

Step 2 – Get some stuffing!

NOTE: In the podcast I call this “quilter’s batting” THIS IS INCORRECT. You want the stuff that is loose and not in a roll. It is often called stuffing or fill.

Step 3 – Fill the sock to your desired girth, and tie at the top. I used a clear plastic hair tie.

Start slappin’ your friends!