The 7 Best LGBT Podcasts You Need To Listen To

No matter where you fit in the LGBT umbrella, there’s always something to learn about our community. These podcasts showcase the voices of lesbian, queer, non-binary, interracial, and international creators.

While there are a myriad of LGBT podcasts out there covering topics from drag queens to LGBT news, these are some of our favorite podcasts that we know you’ll get hooked on. Get ready to binge!

1. If These Ovaries Could Talk: On this award-winning podcast, two lesbian moms look at how non-traditional families are made, and all the stories ovaries want to tell but never could (until now).

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2. Gender Reveal: If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the trans and non-binary experience, listen to these fascinating interviews to figure out what the hell gender is.

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3. Transgeneral: With the possibility of a re-launch, now is a good time to catch up on the conversations trans folks have when the cis people aren’t looking.

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4. How to Be a Girl: Nominated for a Peabody Award, this mom talks, real-time, about her child who came out to her as trans at three years old.

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5. Hot Takes with Hot Dykes: A Seattle-based real-life couple gives you all the queer, dyke, and sapphic discussions you need in your life.

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6. Queery with Cameron Esposito: You’ve probably heard of this one already, but Cameron Esposito’s podcast has earned its place as one of the best LGBT+ interview podcasts around.

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7. Food 4 Thot: This multiracial mix of queer writers have seen huge success through their discussions of sex, race, and identity.

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And if you need even more LGBT podcasts in your life, check out ours, Gayish, or our favorite gay podcasts that you need to check out.

Happy listening!