Gayish: 079 Instagays

Instagays are hot, but is there more to them? Also, what’s up with Ma Johnson’s crotch? The answer to both questions: probably.

Topics: Instagays, Instagram, Khalid El Khatib, Logan Fletcher, Antoni, Queer Eye

Gayish: 078 Passing

Mike returns from Russia! We share our personal experiences and some research about the damaging consequences of passing for straight. #downer

Topics: passing, mental health, closeted, Russia, gay

Gayish: 076 Wine (w/ Chris Bolla)

Wines aren’t gay or straight, but the people that order them are. Chris Bolla, manager of the Wines of Washington Tasting Room, shares the stereotypes of who orders different types of wine. Also, BROSÉ Y’ALL!

Topics: Justice Kennedy, gay-friendly wines, Two-Buck Chuck, wine tasting

Gayish: 075 Russia

Russia may have anti-LGBT laws, but it has a pretty queer history. They might as send us to jail now because we get all Gayish on its ass, right before Mike gets inside it.

Topics: gay propaganda law, World Cup 2018, Apple, Chechnya, Tchaikovsky, face control

Gayish: 074 Soccer

In celebration of the World Cup, we talk soccer guys, putos, and talk about real soccer phrases that sound real gay.

Topics: 2018 World Cup, Russia, Mexico, FIFA, Robbie Rogers, Collin Martin