Gayish: 150 Q&Gay

You have gayish questions. We have gayish answers. We celebrate our 150th episode with a very special Q&A from you, the gayish listeners!  What are Mike and Kyle’s favorite episodes?  How much math did you all ask us to do?  How many notches are on Mike’s bedpost for his lifetime, and is it more or less than Kyle’s number this week?

Gayish: 143 Fantasies

What are your fantasies? Do gay men have nastier fantasies than the straights? Where does Mike get his erotic fiction? Plus Mike/Kyle slash fiction that makes everyone deeply uncomfortable. If you’d prefer not to hear us talk sexy to each other, skip the “Slash fiction performance” section from the timestamps below.

In this episode: News- 2:30 News || Main Topic (Fantasies)- 16:36 || Slash fiction performance- 1:03:28 || Slash fiction discussion- 1:18:17 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:23:19

Plus, Fucking Dan reads a runner-up slash fiction contest entry with a twist ending! It’s posted as a bonus segment on

Gayish: 086 Fairies

Why are gay men called fairies? Mike and Kyle explore fairies, faeries, and even ferries in the temporary autonomous zone we co-created to record this episode.


Topics: radical faeries, gay head, fairy godmothers, gay mentors, alaska thunderfuck, chechnya, vietnamese bachelor

Gayish: 085 Cruising

Parks, bathhouses, public bathrooms, and more! We chat with Matt Fisher and Ryan Weadon from the Ex Rated Movies podcast about what cruising means to us and how our experiences don’t always live up to what you see in Queer As Folk.

Topics: Eminem, Karamo, bathhouses, trough urinals, hookups, anonymous sex, adult classified ads,

Gayish: 083 Gay Porn (w/ Davey Wavey)

Davey Wavey, founder of the erotic gay site, joins us to talk about the good and the bad of gay porn. If you want a hot, steamy, arousing conversation about porn, sorry ‘bout it because we mostly talk about the ways it fucked us up.

Topics: sex education, Blake Mitchell, sexual health, gay porn studios, Bianca Del Rio, Alex Jones