Gayish: 220 Republicans

Are you a Republican’t or a Republican? We talk about LGBT Republicans, and Mike tries not to yell while Kyle tries to keep the peace.
In this episode: News- 1:40 || Main Topic (Republicans)- 17:40 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:25:33
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2 Replies to “Gayish: 220 Republicans”

  1. This was the first episode I listen to…well, skimmed through for about 5 minutes. I want to seriously ask you why you would even do this on episode on this topic, if you couldn’t be professional and refrain from insults. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t give you the right call them names and quiet honestly, not even understand what you are talking about (watching a liberal documentary about gay conservatives doesn’t get you any closer to understanding what they think or feel). For example, the democrat party was the the party of the kkk, school segregation and fought on the side pro-slavery (as the south were know as the democrat states). I wouldn’t ever want to be in a party that has that kind of history, but that is just my opinion. I’m not going to call you names because you are okay with that (if you even know that).

    I think you should maybe….oh, I don’t know….talk to a gay republican, than maybe you wouldn’t just be talking out of your ass..


    1. This episode is important because the Republican party is responsible for directly attacking our rights as LGBTQ people. Stated in their platform is the goal of undoing Obergefell v. Hodges, meaning they don’t believe in my right to be treated equally under the law. Not to mention their coordinated attacks on trans people. Re: the history of the party, we address this directly in the episode, so it’s helpful to listen to the full thing (rather than 5 min) before commenting. Lastly, they are the party of “fuck your feelings” and “I’ll say whatever I want, you snowflake,” so it’s hard to feel bad about using insults. -Kyle

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