Gayish: 234 Allies (w/ A Gay and A NonGay)

In this highly anticipated collaboration with A Gay and A NonGay, we answer the important questions: Why doesn’t Dan think he’s an ally? What are James’ stereotypes of American gays? Should Dan should come out? Why does ordering coffee scare James? Should Taylor Swift win the Performative Ally Award? Special guests James Barr and Dan Hudson join us to discuss allies.
In this episode: News- 1:13 || Main Topic (Allies)- 14:11 || Guests (James Barr & Dan Hudson)- 19:21 || Gayest & NonGayest- 1:00:23
And on our bonus Patreon segment, hear us chat with James and Dan before the formal recording about foreskin. Yup. Foreskin. Join at