Gayish: 319 Partners (w/ Two Bad Tourists)

How do you feel about the word ‘partner’? Is it ambiguous? Is ambiguity a good thing? We talk partners with the Two Bad Tourists as they take us on a wild journey through their relationship from boyfriends to husbands to ex-husbands… ish.

In this episode: News- 7:38 || Main Topic (Partners)- 16:56 || Guests (Two Bad Tourists)- 19:43 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:04:47

Mike and Kyle will be LIVE on the Two Bad Tourists’ podcast on Feb. 15 @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, so look out for more info soon. You can get more from the Two Bad Tourists at their website (, and listen to their podcast at

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On the bonus Patreon segment, Mike and Kyle delve into their partnership, how it started, and how they feel about it. Bonus audio, video, and lots of other perks available on Patreon at