Gayish: 201 Bukkake

Welcome to Splash Mountain! It’s time for bukkakes! Featuring the most uncomfortable Mike has ever been on a Momsplaining. Thank you to Patreon member Keith Zeller for requesting this topic.

In this episode: News- 1:27 || Main Topic (Bukkake)- 16:14 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:04:29

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Gayish: 200! The Reunion Special!

It’s our 200th Episode Reunion Special with a Mike and Kyle Q&A, fun announcements, and special guests like Davey Wavey, Pup Amp, Ma Johnson, and many more!

In this episode: Welcome & Surprises- 1:30 || Main Topic (Q&A, Announcements & Guests)- 10:21 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:40:05

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Gayish: 199 Reality TV (w/ David Yontef)

Lisa Rinna has lost it. Dorinda is disgusting. No one likes Lisa Vanderpump. We get into some hot, juicy goss, but in a way that you don’t have to know the deets of reality TV or the Real Housewives of Cityname to understand. Guest David Yontef from the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope joins us to dish on the stereotypes.

In this episode: News- 3:37 || Main Topic (Reality TV)- 17:00 || Guest (David Yontef)- 25:10 || Gayest & Straightest- 56:12

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Gayish: 197 Florida

The gayest city in Florida. The Florida man (but make it gay). Florida’s importance in the US presidential election. Top surgery. These are some of the many exciting, Florida-specific topics Mike and Kyle talk about on this swing-worthy episode.

In this episode: News- 1:31 || Main Topic (Florida)- 19:30 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:04:26

On Monday, Fucking Dan will tell us about the horrifying Purple Pamphlet that was put out by the government in Florida.

Gayish: 195 Masculinity

Thanks to Patreon member Jamie Pugh for requesting this episode topic. What is masculinity? How much of it is societally constructed vs. inherent in nature? We give our take on masculinity and talk about our experiences with gendered expectations.

In this episode: News- 3:55 || Main Topic (Masculinity)- 16:35 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:16:58

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Gayish: 194 Documentaries (w/ David France and Daniel Karslake)

Documentarians David France (Oscar-nominated for “How to Survive a Plague”) and Daniel Karslake (“For the Bible Tells Me So”) each share what their films can teach us about today.

We also discuss their latest films: France’s “Welcome to Chechnya” ( and Karslake’s “For They Know Not What They Do” (

In this episode: News- 4:40 || Main Topic (Documentaries)- 15:54 || Guest #1 (Daniel Karslake)- 20:14 || Guest #2 (David France)- 45:02 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:21:50

In the bonus segment coming Monday, Kyle talks about his own documentary that he’s been working on recently. Go to to learn more.

Gayish: 193 Lube

It gets wet & wild & slippery & history & condoms & spit & Heath Ledger & backwards hat kinda crazy on our last livestream of 2020.

In this episode: News- 12:30 || Main Topic (Lube)- 23:42 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:13:58

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Gayish: 192 Bisexuals

We asked our bisexual listeners to share their stories, and you delivered! This episode features some of the voicemails and emails we received, plus our usual rigamarole talking about topics like gayta (bita???), history, and stereotypes about bisexuals.

In this episode: News- 4:30 || Main Topic (Bisexuals)- 15:10 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:08:02

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