Gayish: 194 Documentaries (w/ David France and Daniel Karslake)

Documentarians David France (Oscar-nominated for “How to Survive a Plague”) and Daniel Karslake (“For the Bible Tells Me So”) each share what their films can teach us about today.

We also discuss their latest films: France’s “Welcome to Chechnya” ( and Karslake’s “For They Know Not What They Do” (

In this episode: News- 4:40 || Main Topic (Documentaries)- 15:54 || Guest #1 (Daniel Karslake)- 20:14 || Guest #2 (David France)- 45:02 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:21:50

In the bonus segment coming Monday, Kyle talks about his own documentary that he’s been working on recently. Go to to learn more.