Gayish: 025 Boxing (w/ Murph Johnson)

Mike and Kyle know nothing about boxing, yet these two gay dudes sophisticatingly anal-yze the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. That’s why we bring in reinforcements in the form of Mike’s least good brother, Murph Johnson.

One Reply to “Gayish: 025 Boxing (w/ Murph Johnson)”

  1. So, “Ramalamadingdong , I believe, is from grease.
    Segue, lube is the best thing since crotchless underpanties.
    Segue, days of the week.
    Segue, TGIF! That’s the only day that’s clean. Uh,.
    When I first heard the theme song, it took a while for me to figure out WTF “OPS” meant.
    I’m like, who the Hell is Opie S? That famous director? Or, O.P.S. the organization
    Opposing Penis Sucking?

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