Gayish: 270 Arrests

We talk about LGBT arrests, including some of the largest mass LGBT arrests, the misunderstood three article law, “walking while trans” laws, online misgendering/harassment, and the arrest of a famous closeted ‘90s singer.

In this episode: News- 4:38 || Main Topic (Arrests)- 19:35 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:24:39

On the bonus Patreon segment, we become a true crime podcast when a naked body is found at the bottom of a cliff. Get bonus segments for $5/mo at

One Reply to “Gayish: 270 Arrests”

  1. I found Gayish during the first Covid-19 lockdown. I cherry-picked the least offensive-sounding topics out of that year. Somewhere along the way, your voices became my “friends” during my excessive Covid-19 self-isolation. A while ago I started listening from the beginning. Pieces from the 2017 backlog have fallen into place – things like why Dan is called Fucking Dan, or your fight (in the Clips episode), or how Kyle’s playing it dumb has evolved, or your past relationships. Now I’m in that weird place where I’m a stanger to you but I feel emotionally connected to your Gayish characters. I work from home, and only listen to you when I’m out cycling, shopping for food, or riding the TfL in London. In public, your voices in my headphones ironically isolate me further. This will end. Later this year I will finally get to live with my family again, my loneliness will end, and you will become people who unknowingly threw me a lifebuoy as I was drowning in the well. Seriously: thank you.

    And on the lighter side, here’s a spoonerism for Kyle to really screw up. Pick one from each row and column:
    • Mike Kike Fyke Dyke.
    • Mile Kyle File Dial.
    • and
    • Mucking Cucking Fucking Ducking.
    • Man Can Fan Dan.

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