Gayish: 271 Pageants (w/ Sable Jones St. James)

“I would name drop, but I’ve already been in their DMs.” Sable Jones St. James, the reining Miss Gay Virginia United States At Large, joins us to talk everything pageant: pageant queens vs. drag queens, Southern drag, competing in the “big girl” division, the fourth wall of drag, RuPaul’s Drag Race’s affect on the drag world, and whether drag queens bang each other. Sable’s contact: IG @sablejones_stjames and Venmo @sablejonesusa.

Plus, we announce the Gayish theme music contest! Written or audio entries re-doing the theme song are due Friday, April 1. Be sure to check out our upcoming Pacific Northwest tour dates for Boise, Portland, and Seattle at

In this episode: News- 4:23 || Main Topic (Pageants)- 15:02 || Guest (Sable Jones St. James)- 22:03 || Gayest & Straightest- 1:06:55

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